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Where does one start?

First, do you have health goals in mind or questions you need answering so that you can move forward confidently in your daily living? Are you seeking education on healthier living solutions? Want to increase your own understanding of wellness with the end goal of feeling better and improving the way you see yourself?

To start: Ask your warm market. You can reach out to your friends on social media or post a question in a forum in your city or even find an online or in-person group that’s geared towards the goals you have in mind. You can do a web search with your zip code to see who is available in your area. You can also reach out to your local hospital, your practitioner, private practices, or chamber of commerce to find health coaches.

Typically, health coaches are not covered by medical insurance. However, it is reasonable to consider that health coaches can help lower overall healthcare costs. …

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About the Author:


Jessica David is a Certified Health Coach and is the owner of Conveying Awareness. Jessica educates, encourages, and guides families who are looking for simplified approaches.

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