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Category: Miscellaneous


5 Quick, but Thoughtful Gift Ideas

Gift giving shouldn’t be a chore.  It should bring joy both to the giver and receiver.  Here are 5 Holiday Gift Ideas that you can throw together with either items already in your home or a quick run to the store, while still looking like you put lots of thought into it! 

Hand holding phone to photograph flatlay

5 Flatlay Tips and Tricks

Sharing a flatlay is such a good way to give your main content some breathing room. They can also help you tell a story, talk about a product, and more. Formally trained art educator, photographer, and instructional designer Megan Leigh Acosta has some nifty tricks to help you create a flatlay that makes you say, YAY! ??


We Are So Excited: The LEWnited States Spouse-ly Spotlight!

If you follow the blog or any of my social media accounts, then you know one of my fabulous partners, Monica, who is the creator of Spouse-ly, has been crushing it and that YOU MUST check out the site and see how you can contribute to our military community!


The Pleasure of Missing Out

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